Reimplementing my pathfinding pages #

Back in 2018 I wrote about rewriting my hexagonal grid page. I had said “I'm generally not a fan of rewrites that have no end-user benefits”. I had started that rewrite because the code was making it hard to make diagram improvements that I wanted to make. As a side effect of the rewrite, I also made some performance improvements.

I've been wanting to make some diagram improvements to my A* page. While looking through the code I realized I was in the same situation as with the hex page. It was hard to make the changes I wanted to make because of the abstractions I had chosen. I decided to rewrite the most problematic abstraction, the Diagram class.

As a side effect of rewriting the Diagram class, I've improved page speed:

Before: speed score 83/100; After: speed score 97/100
Before and after page load speed

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