Skyrim and game maps #

I've been playing Skyrim lately. A lot of Skyrim: over 70 hours in 3 weeks. Naturally, I had some thoughts on the maps in the game.

Read the article on my main site.

Side note: I'm not really happy with my blog format. It's designed around updates, but many of my writings are more “reference” style articles that I'll update over time. With the polygon map posts, I experimented with formatting the content twice, once for the blog and once for the site. That led to fragmented discussions, and it was also a lot of extra work for me. For some posts I experimented by having a reference-style post only on the blog, but these didn't fit well into the main site. For this post I'm experimenting with the opposite — I'm keeping the content on the main site, but using the blog only as a pointer to it.

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