Alternatives to Voronoi for procedural map generation #

When I think back on my polygon map generator project from 2010, the word I associate most with it is voronoi. I used Voronoi diagrams for spacing the points and also for constructing polygons around those points. Seven years later, I'm revisiting this, looking at the ways in which Voronoi wasn't a perfect match for my needs, and looking for alternatives.

Voronoi and Delaunay graph diagram
I made my own polygons from Delaunay triangles and plan to use this for a future procedural map generation project.

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Making-of: line drawing tutorial #

People ask me how I write my interactive tutorials. I can point at the HTML+CSS+JS but that doesn’t show the process. I decided to rewrite one of my interactive tutorials from scratch, documenting the process along the way.

I originally planned to use a very simple tutorial, but I decided to use line drawing instead. It's a medium sized project for me, with multiple diagrams, multiple layers in each diagram, draggable handles, and scrubbable numbers. I think it covers a reasonable set of the things I use for my tutorials. This tutorial shows how I put everything together.

This is an interactive tutorial about making interactive tutorials.