Website updates #

Over the last few years I've been trying to increase the accessibility of my site. I have 25 years of web pages that I maintain so it was a lot of work to do all at once. I split it up into multiple phases:

  1. Phase one: I converted 85% of my pages to use a "responsive layout", which takes into account the reader's browser size. I converted pages that had a 600px width and were relatively easy to convert to a variable px based layout. My focus was to write responsive CSS rules that smoothly varied the layout and font size based on browser width. I wrote my notes on how to do this.
  2. Phase two: I tackled the 15% of pages that were more difficult to convert, because of their use of non-standard layout, or interactive diagrams, or iframes, or anything else that made it difficult. I wrote a blog post about this. I still used a px based layout.
  3. Phase three: I'm ready to switch from a px based layout to a rem based layout.

This is how I often make progress past "analysis paralysis": I break the problem down into smaller, simpler ones and then work on them one at a time.