What I did in 2020 #

It's time for my annual self review. This has been a weird year. It was already turning out to be a weird year for me before the pandemic hit. In last year's annual review I wrote:

What are my goals for 2020? Unfortunately, I don't have any strong goals. After working on big projects in 2018, I ended up working on small projects in 2019. I would like to work on something bigger, but I think my focus will be on learning new things rather than explaining things I already know. I'd like to work on projects that last a month or two rather than a week or two, to really dig into them and learn a topic deeper than I can do in a week. Other than that, I feel kind of aimless right now. I'm ok with that. I'm in a wander-and-explore phase of my life.

Note the I feel kind of aimless right now. I had decided not to focus on tutorials in 2020. I was going to spend more learning things, traveling, and visiting friends. Then the pandemic arrived. So I dove into learning things, but put the rest on hold.