Introduction to hexagons, part 2 #

In part one, I described how I created lots of variants of a diagram to try to figure out which one to use on my hexagon guide.

Lots more diagrams
Test page with many diagrams

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Introduction to hexagons, part 1 #

When I started making interactive diagrams the hard part was making them interactive part. But over the years I've gotten much better at that. Now the problem is designing the diagrams. A few weeks ago I was looking at the beginning of my hexagons guide to see what I could improve. I noticed this paragraph had no corresponding diagram:

In math, the "circumradius" is the distance from the center to a corner (I call this size); the "inradius" is the distance from the center to the middle of an edge, sqrt(3/4)*size. The "maximal diameter" is twice the circumradius; the "minimal diameter" is twice the inradius. Wikipedia has more.

My first thought was to add a diagram for this. I already have a diagram about angles, so I could add a diagram showing the inradius and circumradius:

Angle diagram Radius diagram
Introductory diagrams

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