Summer of small projects #

I've kinda been quiet for a while. The main reason is that world events finally got to me. I had been doing ok mentally, working at home, spending a lot of time outdoors, etc., but eventually the COVID pandemic and the California drought+wildfires drained me mentally, and I spent much of the summer unproductive.

I decided to get going again, I should work on easier things. This strategy has worked in the past for me. I spent part of the summer following the reddit r/roguelikedev summer tutorial series. Each week I approached the tutorial topics but decided to implement them differently than what the tutorial did. I implemented "thin walls", a different inventory system, a different ui, a new map generator, tile graphics, and a few other things. It was fun. It wasn't too hard. I wrote up my notes and included a playable version.

After that project, I looked through my ideas list and remembered that I want to make a lot of small updates to existing pages.

Patterns added to A* diagram