3D Game development #

My game programming page contains information about platform-independent game programming topics, but when I actually write a game I need to combine that with platform-specific code. These days I use either PyGame, Java2D, or OpenGL. My favorite OpenGL resources over the last six months have been:

  • CodeSampler, which contains lots of examples of OpenGL code to do various things like textures, shaders, transparency, and lighting.
  • NeHe's Tutorials, which covers similar topics.
  • Gamedev.net OpenGL Articles, which includes a few random topics. Unfortunately most of the Graphics articles on GameDev are old and obsolete; they teach you how to implement algorithms that are already implemented in hardware these days.
  • FlipCode's Featured Articles cover many graphics-related topics but do not focus too much on OpenGL.

In addition, I've been reading Dave Eberley's Game Physics and Van Verth's Essential Mathematics for Games & Interactive Applications. These books are not primarily about graphics; they are about representing objects in 3D, manipulating them, etc. I also took a look at Stahler's Beginning Math and Physics for Game Programmers but didn't like it as much.