Game Component: Radial Base Layout #

I haven't had the time and energy to work on a full game (the transportation game is on hold) but instead I'm playing with lots of little ideas, some of which turn into demos. This week's idea is to algorithmically generate layouts for space stations or space bases, so that they all look different. Originally I had a lot more variety in mind, but for the demo, I only implemented simple radial layouts:

(example radial space base layout)
(This is an example layout produced by the Flash demo)

I wrote some notes about the algorithm, the source code, and how to use this in a game.

Update: [2008-12-02] I forgot to mention my motivation: I was looking for something very simple that would compile to a small size and generate “programmer art”. The layout and rendering for this compiles to under 5k, and I'd guess that it could be under 3k for something more specialized. The small size and large variety makes this a reasonable thing to include in a browser-based game.

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