One reason I prefer having web pages instead of videos or academic papers is that they're easy to update over time. I'm still updating pages I wrote over 20 years ago.

Yesterday I was reviewing the Tower Defense page (2014) and decided the gap between the diagram at the top:

Tower Defense page: introductory diagram

and the next diagram:

Tower Defense page: frontier concept

was too large. The first diagram explains the end goal. The second diagram explains the “frontier”. But why do we need the frontier? It's because we're trying to generate a distance or vector field. I decided to add a diagram in between that shows a distance field:

Tower Defense page: distance field concept

I think the page flows a little better now but it still needs more work. Since I'm working with a web page and not a video or academic paper, there's no need to wait until everything is finished; I can update the page as I come up with improvements. Take a look at the updated Tower Defense page and let me know what you think!

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primiq wrote at May 02, 2019 3:32 PM

Amit, your blog is just an absolute gem ! I love that you keep it updated. Well done !