I've not been in the mood to write articles lately, so instead I've been working on some fun projects instead. Watabou posted about Dyson Hatching, which got me thinking it might be interesting to constrain the hatch lines to Voronoi cells. I implemented that and then got carried away with colors, line spacing, line width, and other fun things. The demo is here. You can drag an image onto the diagram to use the colors from your image.

Hatch lines applied to an image

The second project was also thanks to a Watabou tweet. It inspired me to play with shaders on a Delaunay mesh. Once again I got carried away and had lots of fun making patterns. The demo is here. Play with the first two sliders to pick the pattern, then adjust the other sliders to fine tune it.

Delaunay Triangles filled with patterns


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Sunfire wrote at December 04, 2019 6:48 PM

Fun stuff!
I've recently got back into some light game dev, and after discovering node-based shaders I went on a week long adventure in generating four dimensional smooth noise. That sort of very mathematics-based art/visual design has always been one of my favourite things to noodle around with.