Last week, I decided to improve the map storage section of the hexagon guide. This section had a diagram that suggested the use of a 2D array, but then it presented formulas that didn't look like what was shown. Reader feedback made me realize this section was confusing. I was mixing two separate steps here.

  1. Store the map in a 2D array.
  2. Slide the rows to the left to save space.
Hexagon map storage: grid, and also slide left

The diagram showed step 1 but not step 2. The formula under the visualization showed step 2. Mismatch!

I think it's worth having two separate diagrams here. I couldn't figure out where to place the second diagram in the page layout, so I decided to instead make the one diagram animate between the two different approaches.

Hexagon map storage: slide and resize rows

One of the advantages of writing text over making videos is that I can treat it as a "living document" that improves over time. The improvements are less frequent the longer the document has been around, but I am still updating the pages I wrote in the 1990s, and I intend to continue improving the new ones too.