I’ve been interested in interactive diagrams for a while now, and started playing making illustrations with HTML5. I’ve written a tutorial on using randomness for damage rolls. Implementation notes:

  • I’m using Mike Bostock’s D3.js + SVG for the diagrams.
  • I’m using Bret Victor’s Tangle library for diagram parameters.
  • You can drag the parameters around to change the diagrams. The idea is that you can edit the parameters in the sample code, and see the diagram update too.
  • The draggable numbers from Tangle work on the iPad too.
  • Most (all?) Android and Touchpad browsers don’t support SVG. :-( (Maybe I should’ve used Canvas)
  • Older versions of Internet Explorer don’t support SVG. :-(
  • I designed the page to reformat itself for mobile browsers, narrow browsers, and wide browsers. I used CSS media queries for reformatting the text, but unfortunately had to use Javascript for redrawing the diagrams.
  • Red Blob Games is where I’ll be placing my new tutorials and articles, instead of my Stanford alumni account.

At some point I’d like to go back to my existing articles and update them with interactive diagrams. I’m just not yet sure where they might be useful instead of gimmicky. I’d also like to write a tutorial about random loot drops.

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