I no longer play Guild Wars, Black and White 2, or The Movies, so I've been looking for another game to buy. Battle for Middle Earth 2 and Spellforce 2 both looked interesting, so I downloaded their demos.

Spellforce 2 won't start the demo unless I install StarForce. What's the point of copy protecting a demo? And worse, StarForce is awful and I am not buying games with it. So Spellforce 2's demo goes into the recycle bin, and I'm trying out Battle for Middle Earth 2, which looks and sounds nice. It seems to use SafeDisc, which is perhaps not as bad as StarForce, but still annoying. It also has lots of splash screens that can't be aborted by pressing Esc or Enter or Space or by clicking the mouse. Why do games tell you to use NVidia/ATI and Intel/AMD? Do they really want to tell 75% of their audience that they've chosen badly? I haven't found a major commercial game as friendly as Guild Wars. Fortunately Guild Wars is about to release an expansion pack, so perhaps I'll wait for that.